Feel Good! Smile!

One aspect of the Secret teachings that has become a lot clearer to me over the years is that it is not just about positive thinking. Having strong positive feelings and holding them for at least 15 seconds at a time seems to me to be an essential action Robert Anthony, my favourite LoA teacher, talks about a simple affirmation which I have used for a couple of years and find tremendously helpful. He suggests that whenever we have negative thoughts and feelings we are actually attracting the thing we feel negative about – into our lives. For example, if we are worrying about not having any money.. the message that we are giving out energentically is ‘ not having any money’.. so that’s what universal energy sends back to us – ‘not enough money’.   Dr Anthony’s answer to this is to ‘flip switch’ the feeling. Deliberately stop yourself having the negative thoughts and feelings and say to yourself ‘ i choose to feel good now’. This simple five word statement, accompanied by a strong smile that is held for 15 seconds, will release a flood of positive emotional chemicals into the brain and the accompanying electric energetic waves you are emitting. This simple exercise, several times a day, has transformed my understanding of the LoA. Good is always stronger and more powerful than bad. Positive actions bring a constant flow of positive energy into every aspect of your life. When you ask, allow, and receive good things in your life, you open your door to unlimited happiness in your life. However, you must be intentional in your good actions. The power of your positive emotions, thoughts and actions is a force greater than you can fathom.

Law of Attraction

We are conscious beings and part of our physiognomy is that when we think, our brain sends out certain electromagnetic waves based on the corresponding frequencies. We are doing this all the time. We cannot see these waves but science confirms that they are there and our conscious field extends for several feet around us. Now, when you add your emotions and a visual picture to these vibrations,  thought vibrations grow much stronger. Thoughts that are coupled with emotions and actions are activated to vibrate on a more intense and powerful level. However, we need to control more than just our thoughts alone to produce the results we want via the Law of Attraction. It is crucial that our actions and our emotions also point in the right direction. Real, guided change can occur when our thoughts, actions, and emotions are all aligned in a positive direction and their energies compound with one another.